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    Spinkanoid is a "next generation" kind of retro game. Who doesn't remember the first games bouncing a ball up and down, breaking some bricks on the way. What about games shooting invaders out of space or the first arcade pinball game for your PC...
    Inspired by some of these games from our childhood, we designed Spinkanoid for mobile devices. Spinkanoid is a little bit of all, elevated to a next level by adding modern 21st Century action and special FX effects...
    Starting with 32 insane levels in the first release, the challenge is to gain a top rank on our Famous Hall of Fame with your best score. This is not an easy task, on the way you find a lot of Phone Droppers you have to master to succeed...
    Don't Drop Your Phone Please!
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    Schoollaan 20
    2121 GG Bennebroek
    The Netherlands

Don't Drop Your Phone Please!